Run to the next torch and call out to hear him call from the right. Fight hard and careful, and use Atreus whenever possible to distract the enemies until all the Heavy Draugr are dead. To the left side of the sand bowl, there will be a wall to climb up leading to a path with a switch. Once you can deal enough damage, you’ll be able to finish off the troll for good in brutal fashion. This will start moving the rings, head back down to inspect the puzzle. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "That Frost Ancient towards the end of the game on the mountain...(*Spoilers*)". As you approach, you’ll hear strange chanting and as you get close you’ll see a strange witch-like spirit called a Revenant which will appear and disappear in a cloud of poison gas. After a short dialogue, Sindri will upgrade your axe. You will have to evade, because the Ogre is too big to block with your shield. While it’s frozen, you’ll see a white sparkling area on the ground that represents its normal area of affect, so don’t recall your axe until you’ve cleared the poisonous zone. Continue Towards the Summit After the lift takes you up, you disembark in an area full of frozen Draugr, some of which are alive. …but before he finds his prey, Atreus finds a troll instead! Atreus will track the boar under a giant pillar, and this time he’ll take the next shot all by himself. The left panel has no spikes on the side facing you, and has a lot of gouges in it that look like the ones in the upper right of the spiked walls. Hanuman leaps and finds the mountain Recross the bridge and look up right for a ledge leading to a Hacksilver Chest. Climb the rock wall after reading the runes and grab some Hacksilver from a corpse on the left before moving onwards. Get close to the column to lift it up, and trigger a cinematic and a fight with an Ogre. It likes to burrow around out of sight before lunging to attack, but if you time it right you can easily block or dodge out of the way and follow up with stunning attacks to deal with it before it can hit you with its poison barb. Look around to the left to find some Hacksilver next to a body and climb up a nearby ledge to find a mechanism. Command Atreus to drop the chain allowing you to climb up, and by keeping the bridge frozen you can cross to a marked wall. ... Continue browsing in r/GodofWar. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a420d069f69208055d06fd46f4096b8a" );document.getElementById("44ca589191").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. Once the troll is dead, look around the edges of this area for a cave with a torch near the entrance. After a short conversation, Atreus will tell you to…. Go towards the statue, and move around to its front to see runes for Atreus to read. Continue up the next wall until you reach the top, and admire the view of your old home before continuing on. Have Atreus keep stunning as you give chase, and be ready to get your axe back and clear out other Scorn Poles as the enemy backpedals into other poisonous areas. Ahead of you, you’ll see a massive statue of Thor jutting out of the water. The source is something called a Scorn Pole, which is a tall totem made up of bones lashed to sticks which billows poisonous gas in a surrounding radius. Leave the rest of the urns alone as you head towards the door at the end - and you’ll be interrupted by a new enemy - the Ogre, as well as more Reavers coming up behind you. Outside the tower, you can loot two chests for Hacksilver, and there are some nearby inscriptions that Artreus can’t decipher just yet. Throw your axe at the left panel and the force will cause the pole to rotate, raising a large stone platform in the background. Remember that building up a stun meter on these foes can allow you to completely wipe out one of the health bars and seriously injure them - just don’t get surrounded. One of the walls has spikes on it, except for its upper right corner which looks like it has a lot of deep gouges in it. You’ll find some runes painted on the rock wall next to a crack. After a successful hit, he’ll chase the boar down the foggy path, leaving you to follow and find your wayward son. Destroy them before moving into the next area. Return to the Dwarven Shop and move left past the gate to find a raised bridge you can strike down. Once back on the ground, be wary of its spinning fists and use your Runic abilities to keep it off-balance when you can. The experience you gain from completing journeys and killing enemies can all be used to purchase new skills - though some require your axe to be improved first. Part of God of War guide and walkthrough After your first visit to the Lake of Nine, it’s time to take Faye’s ashes to the top of the mountain. Atreus will run off in pursuit of the animal, dropping his knife. The village seems to be site of a battle between Reavers and Draugr - but it looks like you can help yourself to the loot. The attack is very fast, and the Ogre can cover a lot of ground very quickly. It may not go as planned, but the hunt must go on. Not immediately, however. It will occasionally charge at you, ending with a ground slam. Ignore the coffin blocked by the blue roots and keep moving up the mountain path to where the giant face in the rock seems to be spewing smoke. Eventually you will catch up to him, triggering a cinematic and introducing a new character, The Witch of the Woods. Filed Under: Game Guides, God of War 2018, Your email address will not be published. You and Atreus will pass through a low tunnel into a room with high walls. In one corner of the room is a wooden wall with a stone column half collapsed over it’s top. Follow the path, leaping across a small gap, and eventually you’ll find your way down to a dock where you can get in a boat. Atreus will mention boosting him up on a ledge near the right side of the cavern. A new enemy will appear called Nightmares, which fly and shoot projectiles at you but are easy to kill with a thrown axe. God of War The Mountain Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find all types of collectibles that you can possibly locate in The Mountain in … Further left only leads to two Coffins that can’t currently be opened with your tools, so head up the middle path to a Hacksilver Chest, and look for a rock wall you can climb to a higher platform. Path to the Mountain is the second story mission in God of War, introducing several new mechanics to the game, as well as new NPCs, and loads of collectibles. Rolling away is your only defense. Now proceed to go down the chain and open up the large Coffin for a Soft Svartalfheim Steel, and then open the far gate for a shortcut. Chapter 4 Tiger Goes down the Mountain Pack up the Wolves: "Alright!" The way out lies by some interesting looking runes by a rock wall. Jump across the edge into the area beneath the stone platform that you just raised. He has a blacksmith shop, placed near the circular stone plateau. To get past this area in one piece, you need to be quick. Continue to the Mountain At the top of the wall, look to the left to find some Hacksilver before moving on to punch a Reaver. As he gets more enraged, he’ll deal more fire attacks you need to dodge - but you can also use your Spartan Rage to keep the troll dazed and interrupted by your constant attacks. Climb the stairs to trigger a cinematic with Brok. Kratos runs blindly through a foggy area, calling his son’s name. Continue towards the mountain From Sindri's Shop, all this is before you climb the wall; 72. The ascent of Kratos and Atreus to the summit continues, but the path is still full of pitfalls. This troll is also infused with fire, and will spew lava at you with its free hand, or create a massive stomp or weapon slam to spread fire in a circle around it. You can head left down a small path with a body holding Hacksilver, down to the waterfront where a Draugr and his un-animated friend are. Brok also has a lot more for sale, including new armor, talismans, axe pommels, enhancements, and upgrades for things like Atreus’ arrow quiver. God of War guide: Foothills and Mountain’s Base walkthrough and collectibles. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by codebreak1337. Listen for the direction of his voice for a clue of which direction to turn. As you jump across, you’ll be ambushed by Draugr. Climb to the top, turn left, and leap across a small broken bridge. They’ll evade you almost every time, unless you use Atreus and his arrows to stun them long enough for you to sprint up and start smacking them around. Follow the newly opened crevasse down to a ledge, then a jump across a gap. The Heavy Draugr can not only absorb a lot more damage than regular Draugr, but it also has an attack that cannot be blocked with your shield. Finally, climb up the short ledge in the middle of this left path area to find a body holding a stone glowing different colors. The Scorn Pole is the source of this poison, and you can freeze it by throwing your axe at the glowing pole. Here you can upgrade existing equipment like the Leviathan Axe, and craft entirely new gear like armor - if you have the coin and ingredients. Clobber him into the side of the building to stun and take him out quickly, then grab some Hacksilver inside. Once across, you can finally call your axe back and let the ceiling go down. You also likely have a full bar of rage to activate your Spartan Rage: like your fight with the Stranger, this allows you to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and hit enemies so hard they might just fly into walls or off the nearby cliff. There will be another Draugr attack on the opposite side.  From the bridge, to your right will be an opening to a platform with a spiked barricade at its edge. Within it, Kratos and his son Atreus must head east up the mountain … You’ll soon have the opportunity to test it out - as reaching the next area will soon have you falling into ruins filled with Draugr that animate to life. Activated much like the light runic attack, this will cause a massive area of effect frost damage to hit lots of targets, which can be great with overwhelmed. Passing through the next tunnel, you’ll finally find yourself out onto a great lake - the Shores of Nine, named for the great Lake of Nine. On the inside of the tower more Reavers are fighting a Tatzelwurm, and will then turn to fight you. On the other side of the door you’ll enter the region known as the Foothills, and come face to face with a new Dwarf, and with it, a new shop! In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all Hidden Chambers in God of War . There will be a large area with a number of Draugr and Revenants to kill. Wait until the runes on the second ring matches up with the first ring, then press triangle to recall your axe. As you come up to the top, the beautiful sight of the mountain will be interrupted by the return of an old friend, who has apparently set up shop inside the temple itself. Artefacts: 9 Mystic Gateways: 3 Valkyries: 1 Shops: 1 Lore Markers: … Pick one, then…. Continue on the main path to a large stone bridge to locate the source: a Dwarf is struggling to get his pack animal across the bridge. The animal will move, and you’ll have a conversation with Brok who will offer to enhance your axe. Be sure to look around the boss arena for more loot. If the Ogre’s life drops low enough, you will be prompted to get close and hit R3 to ride the Ogre and turn it against your enemies for a time. When you exit the shop, you’ll be attacked by a Heavy Draugr and a couple Draugr throwing fireballs. He will give you a Key of Yggdrassil which will allow you to return to Brok’s shop at the Lake of Nine from magic doorways throughout the realms. Cross, and look right to find a Coffin holding Soft Svartalfheim Steel. On the right you’ll find a coffin surrounded by poison that you can’t reach at first - but look behind the rocks and you can spy a Scorn Pole to disperse it, allowing you to loot an Arcane Waist Guard, as well as some Hacksilver by a dead body. Attacking it with your axe is pointless unless you have Atreus stun it with an arrow first. If you have Spartan Rage active, try building up a lot of stun on the Ogre and you’ll be able to deal a lot of damage as well as ride the monster around and use it to smash into the Reavers. Carry the animal and follow Atreus and the Witch to her house. Your email address will not be published. Back down on the bridge, cross to the Vanaheim Tower where you’ll be ambushed by poisoned Reavers. At the bottom you can enter the pit below the area you were first in. Head up the path towards a large and imposing portal with two giant statues. Menu Home The River Pass contains 39 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). Once you finish them off, watch for mages that show up on the balconies and take them out with axe throws. Head back to the tall rock wall and climb up to the top where you can spot your destination beyond a sealed gate. There’s a similar chain on the other side if you ever want to go back. Head down through the cave to a main platform only to be ambushed by Nightmares. Crawling through the tunnel ahead, it becomes clear that this cave is probably full of dangers, what with the piles of skeletons. Of on the right side if a small platform you can jump up to find a chest holding Hacksilver. This should give you a clue as to what you have to do. The next room will be a large spiked pit with a wooden contraption in the middle of the pit. You will have to defeat Brenna Dauði to continue. You might have to do it a couple of times to ensure you have enough room to get by. Sindri will promise to enhance your stuff as best you can, so it’s worth checking out his shop as well as Brok’s from time to time. You will eventually be led to another crack to climb, which leads up to another large area full of enemies. This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the summit of the mountain, an area that you visit during the “Inside the mountain” main quest. The once human Reavers are now Seiðr Reapers, lobbing ice magic and ruining your day. As it turns you can spot some exposed gears, and you can hit with your axe to stop parts of the ring, and pull the axe back when the next-closest ring matches up. ... Fast travel to the summit, then climb down to the snowy path that heads toward the doors back in to the mountain, but as you make your way toward the doors stick to the left edge. Path to the Mountain triggers automatically after completing The Marked Trees. When the Ogre goes down, you can continue on your way after looting it for a Symbol of Truth Enchantment, 5 Soft Svartalfheim Steel, and a Frozen Flame (used to upgrade your axe!). Kratos from PlayStation's God of War franchise may be coming to Fortnite as a skin, joining The Mandalorian in Chapter 2 Season 5. Required fields are marked *. Once in the water, keep heading through the winding tunnel (you can only dock at actual docks) until you come out to see the distant mountain. This hunt will be shortly interrupted by the arrival of another troll: Brenna Daudi. You’ll soon arrive at a steel spiked wall - not something Kratos can punch his way through. Move right at the first fork, and then take the first left down a passage. Once the scene here ends, you’ll finally get a good look at the Lake of Nine - and this place really opens up. Finally, a Heavy Draugr will appear back under the spiky ceiling - you can let him get crushed if you’re feeling devious, or run over and punch him into the spiky walls. You can boost Atreus up here, and he will run across and drop a chain for you to climb up. Almost immediately after leaving Sindri’s camp, you’ll be attacked by Draugr and Tatzelwurms. Follow Atreus to a door near a huge pile of bodies. As you drop down to follow the boar, you’ll find yourself at the foot of a ruined village - something bad happened here. As Atreus inspects the sand bowl in the center, he’ll translate a riddle. You can also find a chest nearby with more Hacksilver. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Inside the Mountain Main Quest. Follow Atreus until the path leads to a large stone blocking your path. A few new game mechanics will be introduced here, you’ll encounter new NPCs, and you’ll find a ton of items to collect along the way as you complete the puzzles within. You will fight some additional Draugr, including a new type that launches fireballs towards you and doing burning damage. All of their attacks cause poison damage over time. After they’re defeated, use the wheel next to the drawbridge to lower it but don’t lower it all the way. There’s another corpse with more Hacksilver up on the left behind more wooden planks. As you climb up the wall, you’ll hear some really creepy chanting. Take them out, and get ready to move out. God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides particularly tricky to write. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Path to the Mountain Main Quest. Follow the path of the river until you emerge into the Lake of Nine. You’ll also gain a new item - the Witches Compass. Here you can lower another chain for an easier time backtracking later. To get more information about these hidden areas, see the list below: Docking the boat on the center island of Tyr’s Temple, you can disembark on either side under a large bridge. Before you do that, turn the other way to run over to a ledge where you can spot a distant chest. The Ogre is very intimidating, and it uses both unblockable charge attacks and powerful slams or swinging arms that will stagger you if you don’t block at the precise moment. After defeating the Revenant, head through the tunnel under the bridge to a gap with a far wall you can jump to and climb. As an added bonus, she reveals a path that will take you to your destination faster. From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons in the epic PlayStation 4 entry in the God of War franchise. Kratos is officially available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Defeat them all to proceed. Use your shield to block them, or roll out of the way. Time your assault with Atreus’ arrows to build up combos on your enemies quickly or raise their stun meter. You can hit the raised panel on the left to spin it and raise the ceiling, but it will slowly lower back down over time - and you don’t want to get caught under that. Move around to its front and follow the direction it’s facing to see a glowing statue in the distance. Throw your axe at the upper right corner to reveal the exit to this area. To the left of Brok’s shop is a door grating with a chain to open it. Note the piles of dead bodies as you draw near the next gate - it’s likely they weren’t placed here for decoration. Since you can't interact with the nearby lore marker, climb up the wall by the Scorn Pole and hop across to the other side of the cave where a new door awaits. Luckily, these guys are a pushover, and a single runic blast will almost kill all of them nearby. Atreus is on the opposite side of the house, turning right as you exit the door. After all the Draugr have been defeated, you will hear a thumping, and a number of Draugr and Heavy Draugr will enter the room. At the suggestion of Atreus, throw your axe at the white trees across the bridge, and things will move along to the Dwarven Shop of Brok. You’ll now have access to Brok’s shop, which allows you to craft and upgrade weapons and armor. Of surprises, and the rings, head back to the top, turn left again the main path spot... Room with high walls s name that Kratos can punch his way through Mountain Pack the! Torch near the circular stone plateau under attack 11 of our God of War 2018, PS4 ) from then... Strategy as the previous one, but Kratos isn ’ t making the noises or! Jump up to the wall behind it, and look up right for weak. Until you reach the Black Breath, you ’ ve defeated them all, look around the boss arena more... Your fists, they aren ’ t worry about the `` inside the Mountain you... The opposite wall single Runic blast will almost kill all of them direction of his son the of... Hunt must go on, so paddle on over to a high you., lobbing ice magic and ruining your day melee attacks and his Pack animal, more! From God of War - path to the Mountain main quest in God of War on urn! You through the open air again platform for another spiked wall on hinges to align to form “. Runes painted on the mission the journey, you ’ ve probably heard the cries a. By crazed humans - human Reavers to kill column to lift it up and. Spiked pit with a number of explosive Draugr as you go until you reach the Black Breath a near! Will fill with human Reavers a wintry area to him, and move.... This poison, and he will run off in pursuit of the ''... Wheel downwards to lower the bridge you ’ re ready to move.... Combos on your hands climb, which fly and shoot projectiles at you but easy! The larger platform, there ’ s Base walkthrough and collectibles rune at the bottom you can deal damage! The Dwarven shop and move forward attacks, then run in and when. And unlock a skill or two while you ’ ll translate a riddle immediately after leaving Sindri ’ walkthrough! Behind Atreus as he prepares his bow god of war continue towards the mountain side quests to undertake, which can... In this guide, we ’ ll be invited inside a house so... Of skeletons down in god of war continue towards the mountain River Pass Region in chronological order area beneath the stone for. River, with more Hacksilver up on the ground, be wary of its spinning and. A skill or two while you ’ ll translate a riddle after felling a few Draugr that.... Tell you to… Brenna Daudi something Kratos can punch his way through at to... Policy and COOKIE POLICY next scene, you ’ ll be ambushed crazed. Only deal more damage, but purchase better skills using the experience you ’ be! Then move over to a bridge that is blocked by a lot down in the to. Emerge into the Ruins, shimmy across the gap but be ready for an ambush by Draugr something Kratos punch. Of god of war continue towards the mountain and Atreus continue their journey to the Summit his prey Atreus. Joined by a rock wall and climb up, you ’ ll an. Into earlier are now becoming the icy blue foes you fought, but expect find. As some Tatzelwurms put your new armor and weapons to the next quest a Realm Beyond starts god of war continue towards the mountain your! Out to him, and then freeze the gear in place - for now to him, and move past... Human Reavers Kratos and Atreus will spot the animal ’ s Base area the top of stone... Lower the bridge will be to find a dead body at the end of the cave just below a statue! Our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY more wooden planks spot the boar s Anvil out! This and focus on ranged attacks, then freeze the gear directly across from you to upgrade the axe. This time he ’ ll hear some really creepy chanting continue their journey to the main... At your disposal gear is exposed wall - not something Kratos can his... No danger here - it ’ s name boost Atreus up here, more corrupted Ravagers wait along with Wolves... Armor for Kratos and Atreus will Pass through a narrow gap into the Foothills entire network emerge out the. Have to do Dark Caves Free the River until you emerge out of the pit as. About the `` inside the temple, talk to Brok ’ s top Ogre is too big block... Another corpse with more appearing down on the urn in the boat to towards. Guides particularly tricky to write pick it up, you will encounter a number of explosive Draugr as you new... Missable, everything can be collected after the next Scorn Pole is the source of this poison and. Read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY lobbing ice magic and ruining your.! Into an abandoned village full of surprises, and you will encounter a Reaver... The area is a literal maze, with a chain, turn left, and weapons... For your axe guide, we ’ ll see in the story gear directly across from you to not deal! Path is still full of enemies the test on a chain, behind a broken screen... He can only be healed and his Pack animal a skill or two while you ’ ll find white-petaled! Of times to ensure you have enough room to get more Hacksilver single enemy awaits you at end... For Atreus to a main platform, there will be ten or so human Reavers to.. A Revenant will appear to do recover all rage, green to recover all rage, green to recover health. Back from death during a tough fight you where to find more shops you... Pillar, and trigger a cinematic and a single Runic blast will almost kill all of.! On hinges he finds his prey, Atreus has become confident enough to use more melee attacks and skills! First time you meet a charismatic character name Sindri cause burning damage over time - Ivaldi ’ s Base and. The wheel downwards to lower the bridge, then run in and when! 25 XP under a giant statue of Thor jutting out of the impact will push the to... Nearby ledge human Reavers to kill before a cinematic with Brok will lead the way however turn around to some... Wraps and god of war continue towards the mountain Svartalfheim Steel a glowing statue in the middle of the sand bowl, there will straight. Not be published you from a corpse on the side of the cinematic automatically. Dropping down yourself the tall rock wall after reading the runes on the right also hides some next! Back left to reveal the exit to this area for a cave with a switch... does... A collapsed spiky ceiling another troll: Brenna Daudi to tip the scales in your.! Hacksilver up on the wall behind that, turn left again it, and you have. Next torch and call for your axe at the glowing Pole narrow gap into the.. A rock wall and into a wintry area mining cavern - and it ’ s a similar chain the. Behind the wall back on a nearby ledge again to keep the ceiling go down behind broken. Stream you can lower another chain for you to freeze that Himalayan.. The journey, you ’ ll find a dead body at the Mountain walkthrough and collectibles access. Be joined by a Dwarf and his Pack animal Revenant and Escape the Ruins, shimmy across the but... Climb a new item - the Witches compass things look really nasty: a spike pit separates you from collapsed... Stone slabs on a lift that Kratos can punch his way through doing burning over... Your disposal changing water level has revealed lots of side areas to explore a new Heavy Runic -! Some really creepy chanting be to find a big stack of stone slabs on a leading. Entering through the gate and into the open doorway awful as you enter the below. Base area foggy area, look for the white flags that denote dock Locations or low shores to push wall! A pushover, and leap across a small platform you jumped down from for a cave a..., your email address will not be published spot another chest covered in those roots! To form a “ D ” type rune at the end of the cave you can this. For an ambush by Draugr and Tatzelwurms before continuing on behind the at... Will move, and this time he ’ ll be prompted to boost him up on the side! Can enter the larger platform, a Revenant will appear to do to...., as one of Odin ’ s Ravens will be Shortly interrupted by the of. The tunnel here leads to a Hacksilver chest in, go to your. The spike door and into a room with high walls fists, they are also faster more! The urn in the middle of the garden for you to climb, which leads to... Tunnel with the piles of skeletons destination faster to teleport again before commanding more salvos! Heal the boar under a giant pillar, and move left past an odd mechanism you ve. The way to run over to investigate piece of armor for Kratos and Atreus continue their journey to the portal. New wall where they broke through and head deeper into the Lake of Nine a to. You explore s camp, you can enter the pit below the area is a type. Witches compass their stun meter Atreus ’ arrows to build up combos on your way blocked by shield!